Jonah Lomu 7one5




As Director of Jonah Lomu 7one5, this company stands with acknowledgement to Jonah Lomu being an individual to have played both 7's and 15's. 

Experience currently ranges from negotiating high value contracts, dealing with Jonah's Ambassador roles, media including, tv, magazines, newspapers and radio, guest of honor at the Monaco Grand Prix F1, international rugby commentary roles, co-ordinating of Jonah's participation in UK tv shows, speaking engagements for large global companies, motivational speaking, team building conferences, beach volleyball appearances and even a major waterloo opening ceremony. The list goes on..

I also have wide experience with event management including large charity campaigns.

My experience within is well proven and great success has been achieved.

Having a passion and love for the work within, I carry extreme integrity, making sure clients are beyond happy with the final results delivered.